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Funds Administration
Construction Bond Services

Funds Control is the collection of funds and distribution of those funds to meet the financial needs of each Project. Unpaid Bills and or untimely paid bills are the Bonding and Finance industry's largest source of financial loss. Our Funds Administration Services provides assurance that the contract proceeds from the obligee will properly be applied to all contact obligations and are not diverted to meet other, non-contractual related financial obligations.

IBCS offers Funds Adminstration Services to provide added assurance when needed to insure the financial obligations for each project. Although funds control is not always required, it is however, added assurance for all those involved in the project.


Disclaimer: This page is not meant to provide conclusive legal definitions of construction surety bonds. It is only to serve as a reference by which you may conduct further research into the legalities of construction surety bonds. The contents of this web site are subject to change / revision without notice.

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