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Financial Guarantees
Construction Risk Management

IBCS provides credit enhancement solutions around the world for public, private and governmental entities. Our underwriting teams provide you with superior credit enhancement expertise and industry knowledge of a broad range of markets. We work in partnership with issuers to develop innovative solutions for complex transactions.

Financial Guarantees

We've gathered some information about financial guarantees to assist you in gaining a better grasp of financial guarantees for your benefit.

A financial guarantee consists of cash deposits, payments, surety bonds, or other irrevocable agreements that guarantee the construction of structural measures.

Financial Guarantees--Not Just for Construction

Hard Money Loans

A financial guarantee is mainly used in the construction industry, although financial guarantees can be used in any industry, including real estate development and commodity trade.

Financial Guarantee Bonds can play an important role for borrowers seeking to acquire or improve real property. Because of the security the bond provides to the lender, the financial guarantee may be the key to successfully closing on a loan opportunity. Loan brokers, hard money lenders and investors should consider the use of these instruments when loan applicants need assistance to qualify for credit.

Film Industry

Investors may be familiar with Film Production Completion Bonds which guarantee a motion picture will be finished and delivered on schedule and within budget.

Our surety offers a different bond, a unique financial guarantee that can be used on such projects. We offer a bond that can help attract new outside investors to a film project by guaranteeing the return of their principal investment. Please contact our underwriting department for further details.

Terms Describing Financial Guarantee

There are many different ways used to describe financial guarantees, including:

  • Financial Guarantee Bonds
  • Financial Guarantee Insurance
  • Financial Funding Guarantee
  • Financial Guarantee Credit Enhancement
  • Completion Guarantees

Other types of Financial Guarantees:

  • Master Guaranties
  • Performance Guarantees | Performance Bonds
  • Subcontract Guarantees | Subcontract Bonds
  • Subdivision Guarantees | Subdivision Bonds
  • Maintenance Guarantees | Maintenance Bonds
  • Supply Guaranties | Supply Bonds

Disclaimer: This page is not meant to provide conclusive legal definitions of construction surety bonds. It is only to serve as a reference by which you may conduct further research into the legalities of construction surety bonds. The contents of this web site are subject to change / revision without notice.

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