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Performance Guarantee | Surety Bond

Worldwide economic conditions have affected the way the construction industry is financed. As the reinsurance market has tightened, so has the bonding capacity of large corporate sureties--leaving contractors in a lurch. Those who could easy qualify for payment guarantees before are finding it difficult to secure the bonding they need to operate at full capacity.

IBCS serves as the answer to this quandry. Due to the strength of our holdings and the expertise of our legal, financial and construction team, we can do what the big bonding corporations can't. We can provide construction solutions to help grow your business if you qualify.

Surety Bond Solutions - Payment Performance Guarantees

Our innovative solutions offer alternative financing options to those unable to obtain bonding by traditional means. Negative economic developments in recent years have hurt the options available to construction contractors and severely limited thier ability to operate at capacity.

Our financial strength, combined with a team of seasoned legal, construction and financial professionals have paved the way for providing Completion guarantees in liew of construction bonds to worthy contractors. Call us today to see if you're eligible for our innovative services.

Legal Payment Performance Guidelines

Pursuant to 48 CFR FAR 28:203 an individual can issue a bond. This bond is a Federally Acceptable Alternative to Circular 570 that lists Treasury Listed Surety Companies. In May 2003, The Executive office of Management and Budget Office of Federal Procurement Policy issued the Emergency Procurement Flexibilities Act. This provided a framework for responsive contracting and guidelines for using simplified acquisition procedures.

If you are having difficulties getting bonds for your clients form the standard market or they need a larger program, IBCS's creative solutions for alternatives can help.


Disclaimer: This page is not meant to provide conclusive legal definitions of construction surety bonds. It is only to serve as a reference by which you may conduct further research into the legalities of construction surety bonds. The contents of this web site are subject to change / revision without notice.

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